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Fog Lab

Using the Fog (basic fog) and Fog2 (enhanced fog) nodes, you can add a fog/haze effect in your scenes (in the main scene, a layer or even a composite texture).

3 types of fog are available:
- Linear: the gradient is linear from the start limit to the end.
- Exponential: the gradient is exponential, which gives a more realistic and contrasted appearance, as the close objects are less foggy than with the linear mode, but the furthest objects are less visible (available only on OpenGL).
- Exponential2: the gradient is even more contrasted than with the simple exponential (available only on OpenGL).

You also have other parameters:
- start and end limits: what is before the starting limit is not affected by the fog, and what is further than the end if not visible. What is between is gradually affected by the fog, following the fog type algorithm.
- radial: if true, this option computes a spherical fog (more realistic) around the user, otherwise it is on all the width (available on Direct7+ with BS Contact 6.1+)
- color: the color of the fog is important. Give the same color to the background of your scene for best results.

Fog enabled :
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