Introduction to the BS SDK

Thank you for your interest in the BS SDK.

We are confident you will find this collection of application programming interfaces the key support environment and reference for your work.

Bitmanagement provides companies using the BS SDK with internal API descriptions, insights and examples which are designed to support your complete programming activities for graphics related enhancements embedded in the companies own products and projects.

The BS SDK includes the following:

1. Purpose of the SDK

The BS SDK is designed for programmers, software engineers, IT staffs, and software development companies who want more control over the operation and configuration of Bitmanagements products

The Programmers Reference BS SDK enables skilled programmers to integrate Java applets, scripts and C/C++ and executables in order to support dynamic updates, user modifications and events including sounds and movies and a variety of functional enhancements.

In the Content Authoring pages application developers are provided with a complete description of extension nodes of BS Contact completing the VRML, X3D and MPEG-4 standards and exploiting advanced functionality needed in the graphics industry of today.

This SDK is not intended as a reference for the VRML, MPEG-4 or X3D standard itself. A complete description of the standard and related technology can be found below:

VRML Specification:

MPEG-4 Specification:

X3D Draft Specification:

H-Anim Draft Specification:

2. BS SDK license of BS Contact VRML

The BS SDK is shipped to you with a development license of BS Contact VRML for one computer only.

3. Update policy

Bitmanagement is striving to update the BS SDK and Bitmanagements products regularly. Smaller updates and bugfixes are provided for free based on the single decision of Bitmanagement Software GmbH.

Mature updates require a new license or upgrade.

4. Support policy

Bitmanagement offers support on request and upon terms to be agreed upon with this BS SDK to help you getting started as easy as possible.

5. Installing the SDK

The SDK does not require any type of special installation. All executable files operate in a stand-alone fashion. The development license for BS Contact VRML only requires a license.key file.

In this documentation the term BS Contact means BS Contact VRML and in principle BS Contact MPEG-4.

The BS SDK is optimized for Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.

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