Berg, 2008-02-26

Virtual world / digital factory

Tarakos visualizes their products for digital factories with 3D technology from Bitmanagement

t arakos develops and supplies virtual reality (VR) applications for middle range companies / Core competence of tarakos is the digital factory / tarakos utilizes interactive web3d technology from Bitmanagement for VR applications since 5 years

Tarakos GmbH, Magdeburg, which develops and brings to market mainly construction-, presentation- an simulation techniques mainly to middle range companies in material flow, conveyor and robotic industries, has distinguished in an early stage the highly visible benefit of the digital factory idea. Namely the virtual reality, that means the 3d representation of engines and constructions in a virtual world - realistic and dynamic. Tarakos uses BS Contact, the high end 3d technology from Bitmanagement Software GmbH, Berg near Munich since 5 years.

The products of tarakos are to be implemented in planning processes of technical installations with time based simulation, up to 3d process visualization which is ready for internet-use. The interactive 3d frontend of BS Contact VRML/X3D has been proved to be a reliable and durable technology, says Herbert Beesten, Copartner of tarakos.

“The 3D visualization software from Bitmanagement enables us to guide our potential customers through a virtual world of their production fascilities and to simulate their functioning”, commentates Herbert Beesten. The significance of such presentations is remarkably higher than long time accepted 3d drawings.

Bitmanagement to cover more areas of virtual reality applications

The advantages of VR technologies are not only getting accepted for the digital factory, there is however a number of much more application fields. In some of these areas Bitmanagement has already realized projects for their customers. In these days VR applications are discussed in the web-world under “Metaverse” not to forget the partitions - beside virtual worlds – like mirror worlds, augmented reality and life-logging. Under the delivered metavers projects from Bitmanagement are to be stated exiting soccer games and soccer arenas which offer a walkthrough function, so that users can visit the arena like in the real world and the visualisation of a world map as well as augmented reality applications , where real world images meet virtual objects.


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