Berg, 2008-07-18

Wind Energy

3D animated CD ROM shows details of wind power technology

Wind power has gained a solid position in the international energy mix / Wind power concepts still need explanation / CD ROM aimed to be a tool for sales support, interactive information and education / wind power has not only friends and information is needed

Wind power today has gained a stable and growing position in the worldwide energy mix. Thus it contributes to the trend “less primary energy and increasingly renewable energy sources”. Both the economy and politics are convinced to have to further develop the existing wind technology as a future commitment of the industrialized nations. However, there are not only friends of wind power. Specialists see a lack of information which could be the reason for its slow acceptance. The Czech producer of 3D animated CD’s has therefore developed a CD ROM showing what wind power is all about.

One of the leading Czech supplier of multimedia applications, the Czech company SeeMax, Cesce Budejovice, has implemented state of the art 3D technologies such as e.g. interactivity - based on a high quality real time rendering - as well as internet support. The CD ROM is targeted to make citizens and generally interested people study wind wheels at close range.

The demo CD for instance shows how electrical power is generated from wind mills and how electricity is supplied to public electrical networks. The CD also displays details of a wind generator. More over the application allows turning around the object, to reverse and zoom it due to the interactivity feature of the modern 3D software. This way citizen can examine the technical details, improve their knowledge and reduce their scepticism.

Concerning the 3D animation and visualization the Czech content partner SeeMax and the German based software supplier Bitmanagement Software GmbH cooperate in this field. Winning features of the Bitmanagement software are among others its ISO standard base, the interactivity and the high quality of realtime rendering.

SeeMax as the CD developer has set itself the target to diminish the information lack and make at the same time a contribution to meet the need of explanation efforts as well as to communicate a different perception to antis of wind energy.

In general interactive 3D technology on standard PCs is helpful to visualize technically complex products or production processes and its respective functionalities.

The CD is also appropriate to be used for educational purposes at schools or universities, because interactive software is a modern medium which especially young people and students are used to work with and accept. In particular they have in an early stage the opportunity to deal with the actual worldwide energy related problems and it’s manifold proposals and solutions.


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