BS Contact for Linux - Beta Version



BS Contact is now available for Linux. It can be run as a stand-alone application and it can be embedded in web pages viewed in Firefox.


BS Contact for Linux is currently available only for RPM based systems. To install it, use an apropriate tool or issue the following command as root:

rpm -Uvh BSContact-7.1.07-4.i386.rpm

Please download: BSContact-7.1.07-4.i386.rpm (20.1 MB)

For non RPM based systems, e.g. Ubuntu, you can execute the following commands as root:

rpm2cpio BSContact-7.1.07-4.i386.rpm | cpio -imV
mv opt/BSContact /opt
rmdir opt
SETUP_INSTALLPATH=/opt/BSContact SETUP_OPTIONTAGS=icons /opt/BSContact/bin/postinstall --root --create icons

Running BS Contact on Linux

To run the stand-alone version use the icon in the Graphics program group in the Application menu, or enter BSContact on the command line.

To view 3D content in a website with BS Contact make sure that you navigate to a page that specifies application/x-cc3d mime type in the embed tag. Please note that the automatic installation script is not yet up-to date, so that those pages that guide the user through automatic installation or update will not display the 3D content.


BS Contact for Linux was brought to the Linux platform with the help of a variety of Free and Open Source Software projects. We are grateful to the authors and owners of these projects for allowing us to use their work. The nature of the licenses for these projects does give you some additional rights, please refer to the LICENSE.FOSS file for more details.

In order to comply with the LGPL license of wine we provide the source of wine here: wine-1.0.tar.bz2
However the best place to download wine source code is the WineHQ site.

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