BS Encrypt

The BS Encrypt tool enables the encryption of 3D models of customers for use in the Internet.

3D graphics data using the VRML standard can be transformed with BS Encrypt into a encrypted binary format, that does no longer reveal the syntax of the 3D geometry data to third parties. Thus 3D models, e.g. CAD drawings, can be presented on the Internet, however third parties cannot apply unwanted changes to these contents.

Copying of the encrypted models is still possible by anyone on the Internet, however the display of these data can only be done if the correct license keys are present. After encryption the geometry data can no longer be imported with success into authoring tools. In addition the encrypted source is no longer human readable and hides therefore all the information about its creation (please see figure above).

The encrypted model can only be viewed with the BS Contact 3D renderer, if a valid license key for the encrypted content in its appropriate location is available. The respective license keys can be issued for websites, CD ROM volumes and singlecomputers.

Technically speaking BS Encrypt relies on the CryptAPI of Microsoft with 128 bit key length and the well known RC4 algorithm. However Bitmanagement Software GmbH does not guarantee the security of the encrypted content, although the embedded RC4 algorithm is also used in SSL-type internet-banking transfers.