BS Cave

Software package for visualisation in projection systems like Powerwall or CAVE - interactive and realtime.

The BS Cave software package consists of BS Collaborate (“Server”), the respective number of BS Contact Stereo (“Client”) for the Cave and the BS SDK (“documentation for Cave and modelling of content”). BS Collaborate will be installed on a master PC and synchronises the client PC with its BS Contact Stereo.

Together with Institut for Productmanagement and Logistics (“IPL”) a round Cave has been assembled and can be used as reference in Munich, Germany.
Please find below assembly instructions and pictures for the round Cave as well as a test-version of the respective BS Cave software.

Assembly instruction | Download Software | Press release


Round-Cave reference in Munich

Due to usage of standard consumer Hardware (vide assembly instruction) the overall cost of the Cave could be reduced by approximately 75 %. Together with the assembly instruction and test-software you can install the Cave yourself with substantial cost advantages.

The clearing of the testversion of the software – the suppression of the BS logo – in case of licensing will be done by license keys for BS Collaborate and BS Contact Stereo to be send by e-mail.

In case of any technical or commercial question please contact us at info(at)