Bitmanagement - 3D supported City Planning and Architecture

Landscape- and City planning can easier be understood using 3D technology. Architectural scenarios can be presented in meetings of comittees in a much shorter time of preparation as well as in different alternative versions. In the field of architecture estate agents, house builder and purchaser benefit from 3D animated sales documents in the distribution from office tower up to semi detached houses. Premises offered after completion of a construction project, can be promoted over the internet world-wide in advance. Today, the 3D models achieve a photo-realistic quality.

As technical format for visualization of architectural projects the ISO standard VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) is qualified as the smallest common denominator since it is optimized for the Internet as Data-Export-Format for nearly all 3D-construction-programs.

The 3D models are interactive, i.e. that the observer can move and orient in a building - project freely in real time before start of the construction works.