GAMES – 3D rendering as game engine in Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games

2D games enhance to be 3D. 3D games published on DVD goes in the Internet with no DVD to start and only by web capable updates.

With “Leelh” (, an endtime game developed by 3D Duo (, the renderer “BS Contact” is used in a growing area of online interactive and multiuser games. Like a game engine the rendering is performed on the client machine (the end-users computer) and via server sided multiuser support many players can be navigated in one scene.

The story telling is prepared by the developing company but the weekly updates of the game is based on feedback by the interactive online community.

From the point of view of 3D graphics there are “Avatars” rendered realtime in the scene in order to enable interactivity.

To create an avatar it takes several steps:

  • First the basic geometry of the avatar – the 3D mesh – can be exported from standard graphic tools like 3ds max (leading) or blender (free) to X3D.
  • The motion sequences of the avatar can be added from real-time motion capturing systems or manually with the H-Anim Standard Toolbox from Web3D. The H-Anim Standard Tool Box from Web3D Consortium is a java based compilation of easy-to-use tools for creating internet capable avatars.
  • Basically the skeleton under the skin of the avatar is animated according to some defined motion vectors. With this technique the same motion can be used for many different models.
  • Predefined gestures can be added by the rendering software in BS Contact to be triggered when the user’s avatar needs to perform them (e.g. greeting, waving, etc.). Moreover individual motion sequences can be additionally captured and applied to let appear gestures even more realistic.

Used Viewer: BS Contact

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