Artist Team T+T - Replica of the former Berlin wall

In reality, the traces of the Berlin Wall have long disappeared, probably not from the minds of the people. Not only the visitors from home and abroad, but also increasingly the Berlin citizens ask "Where was the Wall?". The wall is still present to the people. To remind people of the time of the Cold War and for the people to continue remembering it, a virtual replica has been created.

This first presentation in the summer of 2008 has given responses to many inquiries. The visitors to this sad part of the post-war German History can themselves observe it on a life-sized approximately 3 m x 4 m computer-based wide screen. The presentations were held at the Museum for Communication in Berlin and in the documentation center of the Berlin Wall in “Bernauer Strasse”. Further performance dates are already finalized in other parts of Germany and abroad. The Berlin artist team T+T has reconstructed the Berlin Wall built on August 13th, 1961 and torn off on November 9th, 1991 and shows it for contemporary witnesses e.g. for following generations as "artwork". However, no stones should be installed, because the replica will be using 3D visualization technology as a virtual interactive application on any standard PC. The software was developed by Bitmanagement Software GmbH in Berg near Munich. The project is intended as a relic of an "ice age" between West and East and contributes to the Berlin Wall in their historical context after experiencing them. Through the presentation of the virtual "art" the artist intend to stimulate the sensual and physical perception of the visitors. Using a joystick, they can play and surf on their PC through the interactive 3D world of "art". An integral part of the memorial concept of the Berlin Senate.

A number of supporting institutions consider the Wall project as an integral part of the memorial concept "Berlin Wall" by the Berlin Senate. It includes the Berlin Senate Chancellery - Cultural Affairs and the "Concept AG Berlin Wall Memorial” and the Capital Cultural Fund as a main sponsor. Acting as a consultant is Dr. John Czaplicka at the Harvard Center for European Studies and the Goethe Institute, Boston / USA.

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