Bertelsmann - Bitmanagement develops 3D World Atlas for Bertelsmann

From 160 gigabytes of satellite data and maps with different resolutions Bitmanagement has developed a fully integrated DVD consumer product with a 3D graphical user interface (GUI) . The Bertelsmann subsidiary Knowledge Media International, Munich, had the 3D visualization software manufacturer "Bitmanagement Software GmbH" engaged to develop an interactive 3D world atlas in globe form. The Bertelsmann earth product exhibits fly-over functionality, real time rendering, maximum zoom functions as well as highest demands to texture compression.

The 3D World Atlas can be used both in the private environment, as well as in education, especially in schools, universities and other educational establishments. The interactive solution provides the user for example to navigate without restrictions on the globe . The product surface is also programmed in 3D and is fully interactive, intuitive to use as simple as possible. The distribution of the fully integrated consumer products is followed through approximately 5,000 sales employees in direct sales.

With the realization of this project, the 3D software of Bitmanagement once again proved that customer expectations were surpassed. Michael Bolzer, Multimedia Producer Bertelsmann subsidiary: "We decided to choose the BS Contact Geo viewer as the visualization technology that allows interaction, while also in the wide consumer area Windows PCs and laptops from Low End to High End can be used with a convincing visualization quality”. Additional plus factors of Bitmanagement software are the ISO standard 3D VRML / X3D which has established itself with programming and Internet capability.

The application also allows the customer to individualize his application and also to adapt the operator surface for example to the corporate design of his own (CD), according to his own ideas. The product is also integrated with databases and search capabilities in addition to further enrichment and specification "features". This can include images, sounds and videos, and other researched information on specific topics, which are available to the buyer. In the described application alone some 200,000 keywords in a database are stored to be retrieved at any time. Moreover, their own concepts and products in the application can also be integrated. One Example is a global player company which visualizes and presents its international offices in distinguished country colors.

Used Viewer: BS Contact Geo