Past Perfect Production, Italy - The Colosseum of ancient Rome reborn

Up until now archaeology and world heritage sites have always been subjects which the general public have found difficult to understand and interprete, remaining a secret realm best deciphered by historians, scientists and archaeologists. Today that has changed. Through cutting-edge 3D technologies anyone with a standard PC can access and interact with historical monuments and cities that have been reconstructed from their ancient remains and brought back to life. Students and adults interested in history from around the world can find out more how ancient people and famous historical characters lived, learning about their architecture and culture by walking down their ancient streets.

The University of California – Los Angeles and Past Perfect Productions srl. (based in Rome, Italy), who reconstruct worldwide archaeological and historical sites, have turned back the clock to ancient Rome in 320 AD, nearly two thousand years ago, rebuilding the past using virtual reality and computer graphics through a project called Rome Reborn.

On 12 November 2008, Michael Jones (the founder of Google Earth) in partnership with Joel Myers (CEO of Past Perfect Productions) and Gianni Alemanno (the Mayor of the City of Rome) presented a Google Earth – Ancient Rome service, based on the that provides the over 400 million users of GE with the possibility to fly through ancient Rome (as a layer) and get access to information on over 200 of ancient Rome’s most famous monuments.

Bitmanagement announced its partnership with Past Perfect Productions and the launch of their first product, "Virtual Colosseum 1.0", providing an important second step to the Google Earth – Ancient Rome service by offering users a walk-through feature through the company’s 3D visualization software, BS Contact.

"Virtual Tour of the Colosseum 1.0" is already available to the general public for free use as a trial product through the web links offering users a highly detailed virtual reconstruction of the Colosseum as it was in 320 AD under Emperor Constantine that they can walk freely around, accessing hotspot audio clips that provide touring information explaining the history, gladiatorial games and architecture on this infamous monument.

Bitmanagement has wide experience in 3D visualisation of large-scale buildings and cities for online use, offering projects such as automated city visualisation as presented at Siggraph 2008 fair in Los Angeles and the Intergeo fair in Bremen (Germany).

Bitmanagement and Past Perfect Productions are working on the development of the entire ancient city of Rome of 320 AD, with its 7,000 monument and buildings, in order to offer global Internet users "a 3D walk about" experience of the first complete reconstructed historical city by early 2010.