Novena, Shanghai - VR asks for 3D Technology from Germany

The Chinese company Novena Mold Co. Ltd, Shanghai, with her daughter VR KunYu Information Technology Co., Ltd and the Tongji University in Shanghai, both have launched the common project "Virtual Center for Technology and Applications" which employs the evolution of virtual worlds (VR). VR technologies are increasingly used in various fields. The best known are currently Second Life or Google Earth.

The necessary software for VR technology, 3D is provided by the German software company Bitmanagement Software GmbH in Berg near Munich. CEO Peter Schickel: "With our software, our customers will be enabled to create easy visualizations in virtual worlds which can be accessed online."

The Novena Industry Group has established a subsidiary currently for the online 3D growth market in Shanghai. The 1907 established Tongji University, is considered one of the most prestigious universities in the People's Republic of China. The virtual trade show allows the rapidly growing number of Internet users in China to learn about products, from international suppliers to meet each other and have an interactive experience - whether as a preparation for the fair, or as its replacement.

"I am glad that we will be able to support the Chinese project (see in the field of virtual worlds for the consumer sector in China with our software technology" says Peter Schickel. Novena has chosen the design for our software and will also be active as a reseller in the future.

Some latest projects such as in the case of expo99 under the keyword Metaverse can be discussed in 4 categories:

  • Virtual Worlds - computer worlds like Second Life
  • Mirror Worlds - images of the earth such as Google Earth
  • Augmented Reality - blending of images / videos with interactive 3D
  • Life Logging - connecting destinations with interactive visualization

Bitmanagement has several clients (eg football worlds in Virtual Worlds, atlases visualization Mirror Worlds) in all these four areas including the internet price Metaio Winners 2007 in Augmented Reality and security applications in the Life Logging area.

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