Animabit - 3D animated CD of a 2000-years of church history

A 3D animated CD on the occasion of the birthday of Pope Benedict XVI leads through 2000 years of papacy. For that with the help of Bitmanagement’s Visualization Software an interactive, three-dimensional DVD, video and PC version with a fascinating view has been created. The documentation of the papacy on the Pope’s birthday which came to the market on the 16th April 2007 has come easily around the world everywhere on the Internet.

Like in the old days when Gutenberg achieved with his invention of printing of paper the diffusion of words in many parts of Europe for the first time. Today the technology of our century, the modern internet, can distribute information even globally and in the blink of an eye.

The 3D software of Bitmanagement ( exactly filled the requirements of the two initiators Dipl. Theologian Franz Boemisch and Dipl. Ing. (FH) Hans Käser from the multimedia Agency Animabit. The software, which conforms to the two longest established 3D standards X3D and VRML offers perfect real-time rendering. Realtime software is also a prerequisite for interactive action with virtually unlimited degrees of freedom. Even the enormous amount of data needed to deal with for the rendering process is no problem for the software developed and marketed worldwide by Bitmanagement. Through specific software tools for data reduction (BS Reducer) large data sets are reduced up to the extent that the transmission via the Internet is easily possible.

With the interactive software it was possible to plunge the viewer into the history of the papacy which is a good 2000 years. Whether a visit to the three-dimensional world library of church history in Rome or the exhibition space for each of the 265 popes with basic information, audio and pictures including the life story of Pope Benedict - the visitor is always part of the action. This way the story is made into an exciting experience even in our crowded days of events.

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