Bitmanagement - The Digital Factory visualized with BS Contact

In their continuous efforts to secure their competitiveness and to increase focus in the manufacturing process, companies become increasingly dependent on a holistic planning and management of essential plant processes. This holistic approach is now known under the term "digital factory". Its special feature is an extensive network of digital models and methods as well as the simulation of processes and their three-dimensional visualization. Based on the 3D visualization software BS Contact from Bitmanagement numerous customers and organizations have already realized various applications.

To see the use of the 3D software from Bitmanagement in various fields of application, here are some examples of our customers below.

Factory planning with "Augmented Reality"
The integration of 3D images in the videos can be particularly useful in Factory Planning and support. In connection with tracking technology (also called "markerless tracking") for example, 3D models of machine tools or product-sharing for planning purposes in the real work environment are integrated into camera video. This displays detailed plans for a factory showing the functionality of mashinery in action even before a plant is built.

"Augmented Reality" also supports production optimization
Recurring processes in manufacturing can be optimized through the blend of video and 3D graphics. With simulations one can for example test the design and operation of an assembly line until a perfect result is achieved.

Process Visualization
With 3D software animated 3D worlds can be created with model libraries in the areas of material flow and material handling. Process planning can in addition be simulated and optimized simultaneously by connecting and processing machine data.

Automation Technology
A real-time system for automation technology simulates machines, peripherals and components. The "virtual machine" not only shortens the commissioning of facilities, it also allows for training, regardless of the real machine.

Production processes can be simulated and cycle times can be optimized. Time sensors and variable batch sizes can be identified as bottlenecks with the aim of planning security and availability of system concepts. The work results can also be stereoscopically visualized in BS Contact's Cave system, where consideration and assessment can be intensified, because of the special effect of depth.

Used Viewer: BS Contact, BS Contact Stereo, BS Cave