Westermann Verlag - 3D CD e-learning program for metal technicians

Given the current high demand for metallurgy experts, but also in other occupations in the metallurgy industry , such as industrial mechanics, the publishers Westermann - Schroedel, Brunswick, together with the Fraunhofer Institute - Factory Operation and Automation, Magdeburg, have made CDROM enhanced with 3D simulations as an important contribution to the training of engineers and technicians of today.

This CD-ROM offers the possibility to visualize technical objects and processes in action and makes it therefore easier to grasp. "The goal is to work with the most realistic simulation of the theoretical knowledge to complement practical skills and to support the publishing program for Metallurgy," writes the institute in the CD Quick Start Guide. An already-proven way of learning for the learners as well as for the teachers to design more accessible study content is the presentation of the content in two-and three-dimensional simulation. The publishing group Westermann has selected Bitmanagement Software GmbH as a software supplier for 3D animation and 3D visualization.

The ISO standard compliant software from Bitmanagement has advantages to offer interaction, such as active rotation of equipment or machinery parts and can turn them from all sides and from every angle. In addition, all objects with the software can be zoomed. Animations can be shown in so-called Viewpoint-tours. Also, the content is easily transported on demand on the Internet. Recognizing of system structures and operations and therefore digging more deeply in a technical model also is part of the highlights of the CD-ROM which is self played on standard PCs.

Key features are the following four tasks visualized from typical learning behaviour:

  • Manual production and settlement of a restraint system
  • Automatic production of a terminal operator
  • Dismantling a drilling equipment
  • Declaration of the pneumatic control device of an adhesive

Altogether, the tutorial program "metal technology" covers PC animations from the learning areas "Manufacture manualy and mechanicaly ", the "production of assemblies" and “simple controls ".

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