Goodyear, USA - Internet users can test new tires on a virtual race course

To roll out a new online marketing campaign in 8 European Countries (England, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Luxemburg and France) Goodyear selected a strong and reliable interactive 3D software to render in real-time a great variety of on-road conditions. The American car maker selected BS Contact from Bitmanagement Software GmbH as it enables users to test and select best fitting tires online for different cars, on different roads under different driving conditions.

In simulated situations a user can react and master critical situations, as the BS Contact viewer reacts in real time and very realistically, when cars are moved either moderate, or with maximum speed, uphill, downhill, in sharp bending curves or in other challenging situations.

An other mandatory requirement of the client was an easy internal integration of BS Contact into the existing marketing and software scenario of Goodyear to assure a broad and smooth online distribution to all tire suppliers with the Goodyear brandings.

To support all Goodyear marketing objectives Bitmanagement with BS Contact provided a fully customized and tailored web 3D solution when used in combination with BS Exporter from Blender and 3ds max.

With BS Contact and the BS Customization Program our customers and their clients have the immediate opportunity to interactively exchange information with 3D graphics on- and offline fitting many marketing concepts and branding campaigns using Bitmanagement's software.