Harzer Schmalspurbahnen - Web-3D-design for an old-timer train engine

In consultation of the Virtual Research and Training Center of IFF (Fraunhofer Institute) in Magdeburg the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen GmbH has selected a web-3D-technology of Bitmanagement Software GmbH to render know how, functional and operational details of a steam driven engine (an old timer vehicle still in service on a narrow-gage rail way). When pulling the train uphill over a distance of 14 kilometers at a slope rate of 1 by 30 meters without additional support of gearwheels power transmission is performed only by frictional resistance between rail and wheel.

What used to be a live attraction for many visitors over more than 50 years will now give more people the opportunity to witness this unique transportation system in virtual reality on-line.

IFF an HSB selected BS Contact from Bitmanagement in Berg near Munich as the software can provide interactive online visualization of a 3D-Model demonstrating process and mechanical functions inside the engine such as steam flow through the engine or details of the mechanical Heusinger power transmission system, which is supposed to be the secret of the traction system.

Last but not least the 3D-Model does not only highlight inside functions of the engine, but also provides training information for future engine drivers to handle the system virtually when using the viewer BS Contact of Bitmanagement.