Vhaus - HSV soccer arena in Hamburg is open any time

The web agency VHaus worked hard to develop a virtual online copy of the arena of the famous Hamburg Soccer Club showing beauty and design of the construction from different angles visualizing each column of the structure and all the 55.000 sets. At the end everything was virtually redesigned in an amazingly realistic broadcast quality due to the strong and reliable web 3D viewer BS Contact supplied by Bitmanagement Software GmbH. Online visitors can now interactively tour, walk and fly through the vast structure of the building with no restrictions even into sections which normally are off-limits for the public.

The visualization with 3D-technology of Bitmanagement Software GmbH was managed in co-operaration between Vhaus GmbH a Hamburg marketing agency and Bitmanagement Software GmbH resulting in a photo-realistic 3D-Model with many interactive possibilities including a spectacular helicopter flight function landing inside the stadium. Only a visitor online can see the Cyber Arena in its complete beauty.

In reality a visitor could never experience the giant architecture completely, yet in such details and in just a few minutes. The football arena in Hamburg is online open now all the time, for any one and not only for spectators when a football game is on, but also for business partners, friends and fans around the world using the arena for advertising or chats.