Bitmanagement - Internet access in cars provides new 3D applications

With Internet access in every car built in Europe from 2013, there will be additional uses for the information and entertainment technology devices. For example, future navigation devices will show the streets with plastic buildings, parking spots with trees and even complex traffic situations realistically to the motorists.

For this new generation of more technically sophisticated navigation equipment as well as for other new IT applications, Bitmanagement already demonstrated their 3D software on the largest computer graphics exhibition at Siggraph 2008 in the USA and on the system navigation world in 2008 in Munich.

More and more motorists will be able to retrieve additional information, for example cities and historic buildings, restaurants and hotels and even up to menus and room rates. Such information offers can be completed by videos so that one can first of all have a look at the approximate size and premises of the chosen hotel to live in 3D.

A particular advantage is the Internet access in the car for the relevance of the navigation devices. Instead of the CDs needed for the updating of road maps, a download from the Internet will be sufficient to restore the latest traffic guides in the car. This saves the user time and money. Also, the content can expand quickly from regionally limited to global maps.