Bitmanagement and IPL - Joint distribution of Low Cost “Round Caves"

IPL - Institute for Production Management and Logistics, Munich, has developed its own Round Cave (Cave-Auto-matic Virtual Environment) with the visualization software from Bitmanagement Software, Berg near Munich. Due to the round construction of the projection walls the three-dimensional stereoscopic immersive depth effect as compared to square Caves has been significantly increased and its hardware is much cheaper than conventional solutions namely by about 75%. This means that more mid-sized companies can benefit from such stereoscopic cave systems.

Possible applications range from medical surgical preparation, design studies and construction details, presentation of prototypes to facility planning, architecture and the creation of virtual models in the construction and plant engineering area. Even in vehicles and aircrafts the behavior of inmates, mainly in critical situations can be simulated.

For marketing of the rounded Caves IPL and Bitmanagement Software have signed an cooperation agreement in March 2009. In addition to the traditional marketing model, the two partners agreed on an on-line model where an interested customer receives detailed installation instructions including all data necessary for the procurement of individual components required for each user without charge and with free access.

The BS Cave software can be downloaded free of charge and without restriction from the Internet at for testing purposes. Upon acquisition of the trial version the clearing of the watermark logo is done on payment of a License fee.

Used Viewer: BS Cave