Configurator - How customers design their own custom-made suit on PC

With a so called configuration tool customers now can create tailor-made suits by their own ideas - online or in a store – and can watch it on their computer in a 3D format. Customers who are buying a customized suit off the rack usually need much imagination to fantasize how their wardrobe would look like after completion.

This will now change fundamentally. MASSKON GmbH & Co. KG, Ruppichteroth near Bonn, Germany, offers a special online service to interested parties, who now can configure tailor-made suits, jackets and trousers by themselves and show it in detail before its completion. From a variety of samples , the customer chooses fabric, pattern, colour, pockets and buttons and other parts on the screen to generate a dynamic database 3D object, i.e a tailored garment. The user can to watch it move it interactively in several directions and then evaluate. If it’s OK he gives the model to order.

The visualization provides the configuration-tool ViDOO from masskon – world’s latest - with the BS Contact viewer based on Bitmanagement technology. It offers natural and razor sharp images, and the possibility to move the fashion items and to manipulate interactively. So everyone can examine the self created and designed tailor-made suite from all the pages.

Used Viewer: BS Contact Web3D