CAD – Online 3D visualization in mechanical engineering and digital factory

The main competitive criteria today are considered as bringing machinery into service in shorter times, as well as cost cutting of engineering and optimization of machinery and processes. “As a matter of fact these challenging benchmarks on the World market can only be achieved by virtual machinery and intergrated 3D visualization”, says Juergen Mewes, CEO of Mewes & Partner, Henningsdorf, Germany.

The mechanical engineering industry therefore increasingly takes advantage of virtualization of real machinery including the complete process behaviour as well as of integrating 3D visualization technology based on existing CAD data. Thus, all different functions can be checked and optimized before realization of machinery respectively.

The real time 3D visualization allows a realistic rendering of various functions so that all participants - planning, construction and automation engineers - have access to a mutual collaboration tool. By putting machinery into operation in a much shorter period of time this causes main cost savings due to avoidance of downtimes. For integration of the real time 3D visualization software Mewes & Partner decides for 3D software from Bitmanagement Software, Germany. Its viewer (BS Contact) is used in his product portfolio of real time simulation system WinMOD-System of Mewes & Partner. This system provides the basis for commissioning of machinery, machinery planning as well as for training, service and visualisation in the automation technology area.

Given that the 3D viewer “BS Contact” meets all requirements such as interactivity, high rendering performance, producing best quality image renderings as well as the ability to run on standard PCs has been the decisive factor for Bitmanagement software. In addition to that it is considered as a remarkable benefit that this technology is based on ISO 3D standard formats exported by the standard geometry creation tools. This assures users of a continuous further development and ongoing adjustment to new features and its standardizing.

Used Viewer: BS Contact

More Information: Virtual Realtiy Magazin 03/2010