WS Atkins, GB - Planning Models with interactive 3D software

Investors in the public and private Construction have the disadvantage of waiting especially in the planning stage which is often a very long time. This results in very high cost for them.

The leading English group for real estate construction and development WAS Atkins, therefore, uses interactive 3D software for the visualization of planning models. In presentations of architectural designs the special features and refinements of the architecture can be evaluated with a virtual experience. It can display various alternatives of public projects about to be built. It can also be used to simulate for example a town-planning model of the future road and rail system. This already works in the planning phase. Data can be collected for the future schedules in the 3D application by simulations of the planned railway traffic.

The choice of interactive 3D software was won by the Bitmanagement Viewer BS Contact Geo. In addition to interactivity and Internet usage it offers recognized high-performance real-time rendering standards. It is based on a 3D ISO standard and supports the 3D VRML and X3D formats, as well as the exchange format COLLADA.

Used Viewer: BS Contact Geo