InnovaTecno,Czech-The first Roman city outside of Rome revived

The 2300 years old city of Tarraco, 300 years before Christ's birth in Spain set up as a military camp and now once again brought into the present - in 3D. From the year 25-26 this settlement was a temporary power center of the entire Roman Empire. The 3D archaeological project was supported by Innova Tecno realized with the visualization software from Bitmanagement and can now be visited on the Internet.

To view the historical importance of Spain and to make its influence on the cultural and historical development of Europe and Asia in the past more than 2300 years visible, InnovaTecno, Spanish provider of visualization of archaeological reconstructions, has taken Tarraco in the present. Based on the 3D visualization software from Bitmanagement Software GmbH the first Roman settlement outside of Rome in Spain was animated three-dimensionally and interactively on the Internet with BS Contact.

InnovaTecno, which specializes in archeological dimensional representations of topographical details has created a 3D model, which also forms the basis for the three-dimensional images of the terrain. Together with the buildings modeled such representations provide a good understanding of the former Roman architecture and work for the Urban Design, located in the entire Roman Empire at that time which have hardly changed. The data, as well as the historical writings created the possibility of a reconstruction - for example, the City Theater of Tarraco - even from the few remaining details, the ancient buildings look almost natural.

This archeological Web3D visualization allows interested visitors worldwide, just to slender through a virtual building, or even fly over landscapes from the bird perspective into the Roman architecture and also to be able to retrieve additional information on the history.

Using micro-photographs of surfaces such as walls, etc. the next phase of frescoes and paintings should be reconstructed and the details of mosaics and sculptures are improved with 3D virtual reality technology. With the 3D software from Bitmanagement the reconstruction of Tarraco, the power center from which Gajius Julius Caesar reigned the entire Roman Empire was a success.

Used Viewer: BS Contact Geo