tarakos - Digital Factory visualized with BS Contact

tarakos GmbH, Magdeburg, has early recognized the benefits that the digital factory brings in conjunction with virtual reality technology (VR). It offers realistic 3D images of machines and systems in a virtual world. To increase its competitiveness, more and more enterprises are moving to the digital factory, this already counts in the relevant corporate strategies.

Behind the concept of digital factory are mainly design, presentation and simulation technologies, which help in achieving more flexibility and above all, a simpler operation in industrial processes. The virtual reality technology (VR) plays an important role in it.

tarakos which primarily develops and commercializes construction, representation and simulation techniques for medium-sized enterprises for material flow, materials handling and Robotic applications since 5 years already uses the 3D visualization software from Bitmanagement in its industry solutions which supports the "high end" 3D format VRML/x3d. The BS contact viewer makes the realistic dynamic 3D representations of engines and installations in a virtual world possible.

The complexity of the BS Contact viewer will also help to reach an economic solution for the Digital Factory. The software from Bitmanagement offers its users a series of tools such as content exporters, e.g. from Blender or 3ds max and a comprehensive SDK, which not only shortens the entire development process and therefore cuts time to success. An economical solution is especially of importance with regards to small and medium-sized enterprises which can only be a digital factory solution, and will reap the benefits.

Used Viewer: BS Contact