IVN, USA - Virtual Conferencing versus Videoconferencing

Integrated Virtual Networks (IVN) now offers a 3D software based solution for videoconferencing together with the viewer technology from Bitmanagement. For this reason IVN has developed an alternative to extended video conferencing the so called 3D virtual conferencing.

The difference between 3D virtual conferencing and the traditional video conferencing is founded in the visualization of the attendees. Consequently an image of a video attendee extracted from the background will be visualized in a virtual environment and connected with the internet. Popular applications of this 3D communication are B2B video conferencing, online communities, online gaming. e-learning as well as collaborate working.

The virtual conferencing requires different developing steps. From image capturing by means of live video data to image transmission up to the integration of the image of the attendee in a 2D or 3D scenery. An even more attractive solution can be reached if this image is implemented in a computer generated environment.

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