SeeMax - Making wind energy comprehensible

Wind power takes internationally a solid stand in the number of modern energy carriers already, but the explanation need remains. A 3D CD Rom demo aims to fill the information deficit. Wind power is already supported as a significant global energy strategy "less primary energy and more renewable sources." Politics and economics are therefore convinced that further development of wind technology is one of the tasks of the industrial nations to recover our future.

However, there are not just friends of this technology. The reason for any kind of refusal might be according to experts’ estimates due to a lack of information. The Czech producer of 3D animated information CD's, SeeMax, Ceske Budejovice, has now created a CD ROM on the topic of wind farms and wind turbines. The Czech Republic's leading developer of multi-media applications relied in the development on the modern possibilities of 3D animation, interactivity with realtime rendering. The aim is to give citizen and interested people an understanding of wind power technology as well as to let them have a look at the functionalities.

The demo shows a wind farm with a 3D animation of the emergence of electricity and how the current in an energy network is initiated. However, the CD also shows technical details of a wind installation, like the generator, that is the real electricity producer. This technique can be used for showing details in the animation on all angles - rotate, zoom and turn, through which the viewer can "investigate" and can understand the functionality intensively.

SeeMax works together as a content partner for the animation of the 3D model of a wind turbine with the provider of standards-and real-time interactive 3D visualization software, Bitmanagement Software GmbH in Berg near Starnberg Lake.

The demo CD has aimed at removing the obviously existing information deficit and thus also making a contribution not only to comply with the explanation need for the technique but also to arrange a new position for the opponents of the wind power. The interactive 3D technology also proves to be very helpful in other technology areas to visualize technical products or production processes requiring explanation and therefore make operations understandable.

The CD ROM is also very suitable for the classes because interactive software finds acceptance among pupils and trainees as a modern medium and makes it possible for them to have a good look at the current international energy problems and their solution possibilities and suggestions.

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