Real time 3D Web Client Software and 3D City Models (highly detailed content)
December 2012

Dear reader,

we have been celebrating our tenth anniversary in 2012 and we have developed our concept of realtime 3D client software and tools since 2002 succesfully on international markets for leading customers in CAD/GIS or Internet growth entrepreneurs. Bitmanagement evoluted technically each year and augmented its portfolio by 3D content generation in 2011. Therefore today we can develop a relevant full 3D project "all-in-one".

Merry Christmas and a succesful new year 2013

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Peter Schickel


  1. BS Contact 8.1 - New release in December 2012
    1. Real touch on Windows 8
    2. Realistic lighting interactive and online
    3. Realistic motion – Avatar locomotion
    4. Realistic reduction – fast and online
    5. BS Contact Mac now additionaly in Safari, Firefox and Chrome
    6. Optimizations in BS Contact under the hood
  2. Licensing – Customer examples 2012
    1. Saudi Aramco
    2. Integrated Virtual Networks
    3. Swisstopo
    4. Phuc Le Ghia
    5. Siemens
  3. Content projects – Customer examples 2012
    1. Exxon Mobile Corporation
    2. FC Schalke04
    3. Hamburger Hafen Logistik AG
    4. IKEA
    5. Rhein Neckar Verkehrs GmbH
  4. R&D
    1. New ZIM project in 12/2012 for 3D Web Compiler Tool
    2. FINE results exhibited
  5. Team extended

New Release of BS Contact 8.1 in December 2012

New Release of BS Contact 8.1 in December 2012

Please download the new version 8.1.

Download Center

Real touch on Windows 8

BS Contact supports touch functionality now also in 3D in desktop mode. Windows 8 has been especially designed for hybrid users, both for their daily work on the desktop and also on the move for quick browsing with touch input in the metro mode. You can use raw input as well as touch navigation with windows 8 in BS Contact.

Realistic lighting - New leap forward - interactive and online

BS Contact 8.1 supports deferred rendering with a new lighting and shadow experience.

Deferred rendering or deferred shading is a magic word in nowadays computer graphics. In principle it is a method to separate the geometry calculations from the computation of lights. Modern graphics cards can do these calculations faster separated than the renderer as a piece of software on the computer. So, many hundred lights are possible in one scene. The following screenshots shows about 250 lights with high interactive frame rates produced in realtime on a laptop computer with BS Contact in DirectX within a high resolution city model. Who can remember the old restriction of only 8 lights in OpenGL?

The image above shows a scene with light features. Instead of directional light, spotlights are used that stem from light bulbs on ground. Also the light is cast on the trees from the ground to make them appear in the dark.


Realistic motion - Avatar Locomotion – Your avatar finds its way in a scene

Realistic motion of avatars is now easier. In architectural scenes you want to add some life. This task is now straightforward with the new locomotion system for avatars in BS Contact 8.1

Your avatars will walk freely and find their way automatically over steps and little obstacles. So you provide only a path for them and you do not need to care about the movement.

Realistic reduction – fast and online

In order to optimize the download rates in the R&D project FINE Bitmanagement has implemented a clustering decimation algorithm that subdivides the 3D space into the cells of the user defined size. The original vertices of the mesh are checked for their proximity to the nodes of the virtual grid. The vertices placed closest to the nodes of the grid are left in the mesh. The rest of the vertices are removed. This algorithm provides a uniform distribution of vertices of the target mesh, even if the vertices of the original mesh were not placed on a raster.

BS Contact Mac now additionaly in Safari, Firefox and Chrome

The BS Contact Mac 3D engine supports now additional to Safari also Firefox and Chrome as browsers on the latest operating systems Lion, Snowleopard and Mountainlion.

Optimizations in BS Contact under the hood

Parallel loading – reduces waiting time
Loading in BS Contact has been optimized. You can load up to 8 instances in parallel now, if they are represented in inlines(). Objects can be accumulated in parallel now, that reduces loading time.

Inline Manager – Garbage collector for your inlines
Sometimes dealing with many large inlines, it is hard to load and unload them in order to save memory in the scene. This task is now done automatically with the new inline manager that acts similar to a garbage collector and takes care of your inlines if memory limits exceed 1 GB.

Improved geo navigation in BS Contact GEO - Geowalk
BS Contact Geo has an improved Geonavigation to navigate with accurate map projections. In addition to the Geofly mode you can also use the Geowalk mode now to walk on an earth surface or in the streets of a city model.

Licensing - Customer examples 2012

Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

The leading oil company from Saudi Arabia has prolonged for the third year licensing of “BS Contact Geo” for online Intranet visualization in GIS.

Saudi Aramco

Integrated Virtual Networks, USA

The Los Angeles based company is using "BS Contact" and "BS Collaborate" for its application of LIVE 3D AVATARs in the area of e-learning.


swisstopo, Switzerland

Federal Office of Topography swisstopo is visualizing interactive topological applications with BS Contact.

Phuc Le Ghia, Vietnam

Under the slogan “Bring Your Business to the World” the Ho Chi Minh City based Joint Stock company “Phuc Le Gia” (PLG) has developed an online platform for B2C (Business to Consumer) applications. It is also targeting the mobile market with BS Contact iOS/android

Hello 3D World

Siemens AG, Germany

In the CAD area Siemens developed an new HMI (Human Machine Interface) with touch, interactivity and 3D using BS Contact and presenting it at Nürnberg fair SPS IPC Drives.

SPS IPC Drives

Content projects - customer examples 2012

Exxon Mobile Corporation

Fracking - Energy transition in Germany forces Natural Gas exploration also on local grounds. 3D Model showing Natural Gas Drilling Rigs supports the dialog of Exxon Mobil

Press Release

FC Schalke04

For the German soccer club FC Schalke04 Bitmanagement created the football stadium called Veltins Arena indoor and outdoor as a 3D modell for virtual walkthroughs. The customer will bring it online the next days.

FC Schalke04

HHLA Immobilien

In the real estate area the 3D visualisation of one of the key assets in the Hamburg harbor the “Speicherstadt” has been performed by Bitmanagement for marketing purposes.

HHLA Immobilien


For IKEA we modeled the new ‘City Store’ in Hamburg, near the old pedestrian zone in Hamburg-Altona.

Press release

Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH

In the area of infrastructure we modeled for a new train line the existing surrounding with the possibility to switch in the model to the 16 km of planned traffic line with wagon simulation for mediation purposes. The customer will bring it online the next days.


3D Web Compiler new project

For development of a new authoring tool for simple enhancement of 3D geometry by interactivity and crossplatform/crossbrowser online capabilty we could solve in December 2012 last technical questions in ZIM

project application.

FINE-EC project results presented

The Free-viewpoint Immersive Networked Experience project is focused on developing a novel end-to-end architecture for the creation and delivery of a new form of live media content. FINE will deliver live content to professional and home users which will be able to interact and freely explore a live-action 3D scene. The results of this year were presented at the NAB Show in Las Vegas and at Siggraph in Los Angeles.


Team extended

Team extended

Bitmanagement has hired experienced C++ 3D developer and extends its development capacity with focus on tool development.

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