Automatisches Build System für BS Contact – Fragen Sie uns nach Ihrem persönlichen Build

To make it more convenient for our customers to follow the fast past developments in Bitmanagement’s products we have established an automatic build system for BS Contact incremental releases on demand. For many of our customers we have enabled special versions of BS Contact that we call special builds. The different versions our customers use reach from branding to different corporate identity to particular functionality or completely customized and composed builds that are capable of enabling a much targeted focus. These special builds, but also current standard versions of BS Contact, BS Contact Stereo, BS Contact Mac and BS Contact GEO can be built in a few hours now. Customers can request their version now, in order to test the newly developed functionality integrated in their product or environment. Usually the versions are compiled over night and delivered already the next day. Please request your special or standard build today at info@bitmanagement.de