Touchscreen interface – Your World at Your Fingertips

Berg near Munich, December 4, 2011

BS Contact 8.0 supports touchscreen navigation. The multi-touch messages can be captured within BS Contact on Windows 7, and can trigger events that initiate the 3D content.

The new FlickSensor and GestureSensor nodes allow the association of multi-touch events with objects.

Technical Demos:

  • FlickHouse - a house object that demonstrates navigation and flicks in EXAMINE mode
  • FlickSensor - demonstrates two nested FlickSensor nodes
  • FlickBall - flicking a sphere makes it move into the direction of the flick
  • PrintGestures - outputs all events that gestures produce
  • 3Spheres - demonstrates the rotation with pivot point gesture
  • PrintTouches - outputs multi touch related events
  • TouchScreenSensorColors - displays a colorful ring for every touch point
  • SimpleImageViewer - allows to zoom, rotate and pan an image, all at the same time

i.A. Norbert Böcker
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About Bitmanagement Software GmbH

Bitmanagement is a provider of multimedia software with a focus on online interactive 3D visualization. The multimedia technology for 2D/3D, audio and video is real-time and Internet-ready. Based on the ISOstandard formats VRML/X3D, CityGML and COLLADA, and Java, it allows an Interactive visualization of concepts and products.

Bitmanagement develops and markets a product portfolio of visualization software, which is composed of visualization software (BS Contact VRML / X3D, MPEG-4, Geo, Stereo and Mobile), documentation (BS SDK Package) for animation and different programming tools up to Workflow optimization such as BS Encrypt.

Besides software development the company specializes on content production. The focus is here on creation of interactive online capable 3D models - mainly high resolution city models – based on a cost efficient offshore team of 3D artists.

Bitmanagement was founded in 2002 by three former employees of the Blaxxun Interactive AG, Munich. The company achieved sales growth and positive results in 2011 and is "cash flow positive" since its founding.

Bitmanagement is a board member of the "Web3D Consortium" (USA), which is responsible for the standardization and dissemination of 3D ISO standards for the Internet. Bitmanagement is also simultaneously a member of the" 3D Consortium "for the dissemination of stereoscopic visualization.

More information at: http://www.bitmanagement.com
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