Bitmanagement offers as main product a 3D Viewer or 3D Player.

This 3D Engine is realtime and online capable and is used in 3D applications like geo visualization, games, virtual worlds or even stereoscopic apps. As visualization software customers integrate the 3D renderer in product and enable interactive GUIs (graphic user interface).

ISO standard and industrial standard formats like VRML, X3D, Collada, OpenJT (on request) but also kmz and CityGML are supported. VRML and X3D are the ISO standard formats most often used for 3D graphics with its file type wrl for interactive applications in the Internet. Bitmanagement supports the web3D consortium that also pushes html5 and 3D to reach developers comparable to flash 3D for online use cases. The VRML or X3D viewer is here a rendering plugin and client software that performs the interactive visualization of virtual 3D objects like an avatar on the PC.

Bitmanagement offers for the developer 3D tools for the reduction of data e.g. polygon reduction and for encryption as well as server software for multi user applications. The data preparation and handling of GIS data including file reduction is also supported in a tool.

The VRML viewer is often called a 3D browser for realtime online visualization used in virtual or augmented reality up to GIS or CAD visualization on standard hardware.

BS Content Studio - new release of 3D tool - based on 10 years of components

3D Engine - BS Contact

Spatial 3D-Tool
  • High performance
  • Cross-platform, cross-browser
  • C++ Plugin and X3DOM (WebGL) export
  • OEM versions

R & D - Development Projects

Screenshot of the 3D Geo Demo
  • EC Projects
  • ZIM Projects
  • Innovation Projects
  • Customer Projects

Tools - BS SDK

Screenshot from the game Leehl
  • BS SDK
  • BS Content Studio
  • Standards VRML, X3D, CityGML, Collada, STL, etc.

3D Content - Creation Services

  • GIS / CAD
  • 5-10cm resolution
  • Online capable
  • RNV Demo

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