Authoring Tools

Documentation and Tools to assist third parties to develop interactive applications and products as well as prepare content for proper and most performant visualisation with the viewers e.g. BS Contact.

ThumbnailDocumentation and tools for the integration of interactive 3D client software in third-party products and applications.

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BS Editor
ThumbnailThe BS Editor supports the application developer in the programming of interactivity and behavior to objects and scenes.

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BS Exporter for 3ds max
ThumbnailExport plug-in software for 3ds max that creates optimized output for BS Contact.

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BS Exporter for Blender
ThumbnailExport plug-in software for Blender that creates optimized output for BS Contact.

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BS Encrypt
ThumbnailEncryption software for content that protects 3D models and scenes by visualisation in BS Contact.

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BS Reducer
ThumbnailPolygon reducer software, loss less or with changed appearance.

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BS Off-Screen Library
ThumbnailThe BS Off-Screen Library delivers interactivity for massive real-time calculations.

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BS Tiler
ThumbnailTool for preparation of data to be displayed in BS Contact Geo.

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