Was kann die Graphic Karte Ihrer User? Optimieren Sie Ihren Code auch auf alte Grafikkarten.

There are so many PC configurations out there. Did you ever wonder, if your online users can see all the eye candy you put into your applications? Some older graphics cards may not have all the possibilities that your own test computers offer. In order to help you optimize your content for the capabilities of your online user’s graphics card, we provide the GetCap() functionality. Just check out what is possible at your users PC. Use fallbacks in your content and you can present your work optimized according to the possibilities of your users. E.g. you can enable anti-aliasing quickly, if the graphics card can handle it or check the free video memory currently available. With the command Browser.getCap(id) you can get the capabilities of the current client machine.

There are many id’s available, that test e.g. if hardware rendering is used, if using the OpenGL renderer is used, on the amount of free video memory, on maximum texture size, if it can do hardware generate texture coordinates, on max number of clip planes, on max number of lights supported, on z depths, on stencil depth, if occlusion test supported and many more.
To get the available anti-aliasing setting you have to call the following function Browser.getAntialiasingQualityLevels().
This function returns an array of all available anti-aliasing modes in a metadata structure.
With the following code example you can print out all modes of your graphic card.

The following is the result of the above code:

The same antialiasing levels can be found in the BS Contact context menu in the "Device settings" tab