BS Sales Partner

The Concept

The BS Sales Partner Program supports sales partners world-wide to market the product portfolio of bitmanagement to their customers. The Sales Partners are acting as local partners and are contracting party locally upon final customer's request.

The sales partner informs Bitmanagement about the market requirements for the purpose of localization and adjustment of the software to customers needs and further developments.

The Sales Partner

"The BS Sales Partner Program of Bitmanagement enables us to market the visualization software. Germany is according to our judgement in the lead regarding this technology. As there are whole industries like the building industry in Korea who are emerging into the Internet and - partly even by national regulations - 3D visualization is state of the art it is obvious for us to co-operate with Bitmanagement.

With the 3rd level support of Bitmanagement we made good experience supporting us to realize customer projects and do our sales efforts in a competent way."

DooRe System CO Ltd., Seoul Korea, H.J. Choi, Managing Director

The Offer

Bitmanagement offers:

  • 20 % Reseller margin on the BS product portfolio for the resale of the BS Portfolio to final customer (contractual relation Reseller - Bitmanagement) or 20 % FindersFee on the BS product portfolio for arrangement of sales of the BS Portfolio to final customer (contractual relation final Customer - Bitmanagement for the sales and Sales Partner - Bitmanagement for the FindersFee)
  • forwarding of leads where applicable
  • integration of the Sales Partner into the fair concept of Bitmanagement and integration in the web page and/or in the BusinessLetter as mutually agreed
  • marketing material

The sales partner brings into the co-operation its marketing know-how, contacts and marketing in the local and relevant 3D/multimedia-area.

The Benefit

For the final customer a local partner and contracting parties are positive.  For the Sales Partner reselling of a future-oriented software portfolio is beneficial and can be connected with its own competent advisory activities.

For further information please contact sales(at) or call 0049 (0)8151 971708.