Pricelist for the standard license fee of the software products and services.

Bitmanagement Software GmbH offers the following licenses based on its general terms and conditions.

Changes reserved. All prices plus VAT if applicable.

PC-Licences of Interactive 3D Clients

For website, OEM or CD ROM/DVD licenses a one time fee, a revenue sharing model or a application specific license fee model can be agreed upon.

Web: pricing of website license of e.g. BS Contact depends on the general expected usage of the viewer in a specific time from a respective Internet or Intranet-address.

General information/expectations asked for pricing discussion would be the following:

  • What is the domain you need a license for?
  • What concept BS Contact is used for (e.g. non commercial/small or commercial/big)?
  • For how long do you need a license (e.g. one year or unlimited)?
  • How many expected users downloading and using BS Contact on that website do you expect per month?
  • Do you need encryption of the content?
  • Do you need customization of the viewer?
The license fee can differ substantially depending of the usage of the Interactive 3D Client.

OEM Product

For the distribution of third party products with integrated BS Contact Bitmanagement offers an OEM product license (application license).

Pricing on request.

Please send us first information about your product /concept where BS Contact shall be integrated to


CD ROM/DVD licenses of e.g. BS Contact are offered for EUR 500 plus a specific amount per CD ROM/DVD.

The license fee can differ substantially depending of the number of CD ROM/DVDs.

BS Services

Bitmanagement offers support,development, content creation or consulting services on hourly rates or based on a frame agreement. Standard hourly rate is EUR 80 net.

Bitmanagement offers one day training regarding its software or one day workshop for customer specific application development for EUR 640 net. Training or workshop in Berg (near Munich, Germany) with one Bitmanagement developer and 1-3 customers.

Customer/application specific developments of required functionalities can be calculated on project base and offered for a flat price.

The hourly rates differ according to the type of service. Prices on request.
Bitmanagement offers to customize BS Contact (e.g. start screen, structure of right click menu) with corporate design of the customer for OEM deals.

Discount on licenses for non-commercial use.
Academic discount 30 %
Please request our offer in USD.

Please contact us for Service or adjustment of our licensing model for your specific needs at info(at)