Berg, 2007-09-25

InnovaTecno to resurge virtually first settlement of romans outside of Rome

2300 years old city of Tárraco was founded in Spain in the Year 300 before Christ as a military camp / from 25 to 26 B.C. city became political center of the Roman empire/ Realization of the 3D archaeological project to be based on visualization software of Bitmanagement / Application now can be visited in the internet

Berg, near Starnberg. In order to make the historical importance of Spain visible and showing its influence on the cultural and historical development of Europe and Asia in the last 2300 years, InnovaTecno, Spanish supplier of visualized archaeological reconstructions, retracted the ancient city of Tárraco into the present time. Based on the 3D visualization software of Bitmanagements Software GmbH, enabled the animation of the first Roman settlement outside of Rome, the Spanish City of Tárraco.

For these purposes InnovaTecno developed based on topographic details a 3D model, which was the basis of the three-dimensional copy of the terrain concerned. Along with the aninmated houses such representations obtain a good understanding of the ancient Roman architects craftmansship. Due to only little changes of the city designs in the entire Roman empire, these data as well as the historical bibliography, made it possible, to reconstruct buildings like the city theatre of Tárraco , even from a few archaeology remains.

Thanks to such Web3D-archaeology-visualizations interested visitors from all over the world now can observe the old Roman architecture. Moreover they can make a virtual walk through the ancient city or an interactively steered fly over the terrain. Aditionally the visitor can ask for further information related to the tourist feature.

In a next step the surfaces, for example inside and outside walls frescoes and paintings, shall be reconstructed on the basis of micro photographs. Moreover, details at the mosaics and the sculptures will be restored by using 3D Virtual technology Imaging tools, as far as possible. According to the customer the 3D software of Bitmanagment made the three-dimensional reconstruction of Tárracoa - the former political center of the Roman empire - a success.


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