Berg, 2007-09-04

BS Geo Former

Bitmanagement simplifies workflow for detailed 3D Terrain Creation

A new modeling tool supports the costly and time consuming programming of 3D terrains / Texturing also with high resolution air- or satellite photographs /Optimization for real time presentation with BS Contact Geo Viewer and further components of Bitmanagement's BS Contact family

Berg, near Munich, Germany. To create detailed 3D terrains does not mean any longer costly and time consuming programming work for designers. With “BS GeoFormer, the german 3D software company Bitmanagement Software GmbH,now offers a new software tool to create complete terrains. In this process special modelling functions are used. Data from a multiplicity of supported geo and image formats can be also imported.

The 3D terrain models generatetd with BS GeoFormer are based on satellite images and elevation grids. The software offers different features for editing these data for presenting the output in real time 3D visualization. Many of these modelling features are similar to those found in image procession programs, like Photoshop, including brushes of different sizes, selections, rubber stamp and text, blur, smudge and eye dropper. Other tools and filters are especially geared for terrain modeling, such as raise and lower ground, craters,terrance and erosion.

Once created, these 3D terrains can be textured with high resolution aerial or satellite imagery. It can also be exported to optimized real time 3D viewing in BS Contact Geo and other players of the BS Contact family. The respective 3D terrain models shall be integrated into more complex customer applications.

Product features


  • Menu-driven generation of terrain models (WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get)
  • Format conversion of digital height models: VRML 2.0, BMP, BT, MSH, GIS, DXF, PGM, Polytrans, RAW, StL, STM, GRD, Terragen, TGA, USGS DEM,WCS ELEV, Xpand Rally
  • Marking of vegetation points for i.e. tree visualization
  • Optimization of loading time through triangulation of meshes of the height models

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