Berg, 2007-08-01

Siggraph 2007, booth 029

Bitmanagements BS Contact 3D Engine to support COLLADA

Berg / San Diego. Bitmanagement - a Siggraph exhibitor at Web3D both #029 - will
showcase at this years computer graphics premiere event the newly developed support
of the popular COLLADA 3D exchange format in their web based 3D rendering engine
BS Contact. With this strategic move Bitmanagement follows their roadmap to extend
their leadership in real-time rendering engines for open standards in Web3D and
Khronos consortia

Peter Schickel, CEO of Bitmanagement, Germany and member of the board of directors of the Web3D Consortium: With our COLLADA support in BS Contact we provide a high performing web-based game engine to the COLLADA community. With the tools and experience we gained as a leading engine for the VRML/X3D ISO standard, COLLADA folks can now build professional interactive games and applications easily and deploy them anywhere on the Web and DVD.

Bitmanagements move to enable a bridge to COLLADA content is an offspring of the previously announced liaIson between Web3D and the Khronos Group. The BS Contact viewer could reach ubiquity in the growing domain of 3D Web 2.0 applications.

A statement of Khronos President Neil Trevett underlines the liaison: „The liaison is to ensure that COLLADA and X3D seamlessly complement each other and COLLADA provides a solid foundation for tools supporting VRML/X3D content creation.”

To simplify the content creation workflow Bitmanagement will showcase their new 3D interactivity tool BS Editor. 3D models exported from a variety of authoring tools for X3D and COLLADA can be enhanced now easily with interactivity and behaviour rich animations using BS Editor.

Bitmanagement will also showcase in the Web3D booth at Siggraph new convincing Web 2.0 applications such as an interactive 3D animated stadium of one of the major soccer clubs in Germany enriched with multi-user functionality similar to Second Life.

Moreover Bitmanagement is accepting entries for their alpha version preview of the platform independent version of BS Contact on Linux and Mac OS.


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