10 years of 3D software company Bitmanagement – Realtime rendering development for the interactive 3D Web

Berg near Munich, July 28, 2012

The company starts in 2002 with a product for 3D visualization / the 3D real-time rendering software “BS Contact” as a base product embraces today an extensive range of offers for the visualization crossbrowser & crossplatform / BS Contact has successfully accompanied the trend towards mobile communication / with over 350 customers on all continents, this company is one of the leading 3D software corporations / also creation high-resolution 3D models in the portfolio

The wounds coursed by the burst of the internet bubble around the break of the century were not yet healed, when on the 28th of July 2002, two software specialists and a finance and marketing expert decided to form a 3D software company in Aufkirchen, close to the present headquarters in Berg near Munich. For the founders, the memory of the shock about the crash of the new economy – also known as Web 1.0 – was not as strong as the conviction that many economic sectors would not be able to pass by a 3D visualization of 2D content in the future. And they were right. Either mechanical engineering with CAM/CAD, the real estate sector, city planning for public involvement, the GIS branch or even archeology as well as many other areas today use the interactive 3D visualization entirely naturally.

However another prediction of the founders also turned out to be valid: “The view on world-wide diffusion of the 3D technology will only happen, if the 3D technology can successfully be applied into the internet, for normal consumer hardware to be accessed and is supported by standards.” “Standard” actually has a special meaning for the development of the company. The core software “BS Contact” supports the worldwide 3D ISO standard X3D, the replacement format of the VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) format. With X3D, a consequent advancement of this standard is realized and all users are offered an investment security as well as a simple possibility of integration into projects and applications, furthermore, a world-wide dispersion is realized. For 10 years already.

Bitmanagement covers expansive steps of the 3D content-development process for a variety of different application areas with its adapted authoring tools and 2D/3D viewer-versions: from data optimization for the internet, creation of models and animations to visualization and spreading over the internet. Especially in the internet-ability of the software of Bitmanagement lies an important part for the enduring economic efficiency of 3D Applications. One of the most important areas of application today is for example the application on the basis of Geo-information such as models of cities. Even the field on Medical technology offers an important area of application.

BS Contact is platform independent

One of the factors of success was the platform strategy started already 2004, with which it was ensured early, that the successful adaptions of the basic software BS Contact could be realized in a rapidly growing market for communications media. One of the most important advancements was the adaption to the common operating systems and hardware, which became increasingly mobile. On the 1st of June 2011, Bitmanagement announced, that the BS Contact C++ renderer could successfully be transferred from Windows to MAC and Linux Systems as well as Apple IOS devices (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 1, iPad 2 and iPod).

The 3D internet software, which is run capable in all internet browsers it is integrated in, became independent after the release of BS Contact MAC 7.2.19 after 10 years of development of the 3D renderer BS Contact. “The 3D contents, which are based on 3D standards, are reaching into the millions. The web plug-in BS Contact MAC shows content in the Safari Browser with the latest graphic tricks and speed, which are known from the computer gaming world”, explains Peter Schickel, head and CEO of Bitmanagement.

With the integration into Web3D consortium begins the internationalization

A milestone in the history of development of the then fairly young company was the admission into the Web3D consortium in the USA, which has made the standardization and diffusion of 3D standards for the internet to their mission. Peter Schickel has a seat in the ‘Board of Managers’ of Web3D consortium and is involving itself in the diffusion of 3D stereoscopic visualization. The acceptance into the consortium in the year 2005 was the offbeat for the internationalization of the 3D mind of the customers of Bitmanagement which lasts until today. The currently 350 clients, who use the 3D technology of Bitmanagement, come from all five of the world’s continents. A considerable success also of the early adaptions of 3D software for the rendering of applications in the World Wide Web.

Bitmanagement as a partner for research- and development projects

Since the beginning, Bitmanagement was a partner of research and development projects. Thus, the 3D software developer was in 2002 one of 10 partners of the research project in the field of TV entertainment led by Philips and financed by the EU. Wherein the application development for Space-Time (USA) in 2006 dealt with a new Graphical User Interface (GUI) for a search engine for Pc users, tablet Pcs, smart phones and netbooks. Moreover, the company 2006 developed an earth viewer application á là Google Earth for the media enterprise Bertelsmann for a 3D atlas of the world. For Telecom Italia, 2008 the company from Berg took part at the IDYNamic-TV project, which is supposed to enrich the entertainment of television through the combination of both media TV and the internet via set top boxes.

Together with the Fraunhofer institute for visual computing (IGD), Bitmanagement was in 2009 integrated into the BMWI promoted project “InterAR-Augmented Reality in the internet on mobile devices”. The result will be a mobile AR-platform as a basis for the development of concrete usage scenarios and products. Since 2012, Bitmanagement belongs to a research team of the Fine-project, which deals with the ability to experience free live action-scenes in 3D. With the denotation “3D Portrayal Interoperability Experiment (PIE)”, the Hasso-Plattner institute of the Potsdam University (HPI), the GIScience Institute of the Heidelberg University as well as the Fraunhofer insitute for computer graphics research (IGD) created a project in 2011, with the object of creating a uniform infrastructure for the display of geo data. In this project also, Bitmanagement contributes to the success with its 3D technology.

Bitmanagement completes its range of services with content-creation

Another important step of development was taken by this software developer in 2011 with the cooperation with an international content team of about 50 men and women. The last empty gap in the company’s range of offers was closed with “Content-creation”. With this completed achievement-portfolio, new clients and markets may be won. The three still active founders of the company are then counting on a successful next decade after having completed their first one successfully.

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Bitmanagement Software GmbH
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About Bitmanagement Software GmbH

Bitmanagement is a provider of multimedia software with a focus on online interactive 3D visualization. The multimedia technology for 2D/3D, audio and video is real-time and Internet-ready. Based on the ISOstandard formats VRML/X3D, CityGML and COLLADA, and Java, it allows an Interactive visualization of concepts and products.

Bitmanagement develops and markets a product portfolio of visualization software, which is composed of visualization software (BS Contact VRML / X3D, MPEG-4, Geo, Stereo and Mobile), documentation (BS SDK Package) for animation and different programming tools up to Workflow optimization such as BS Encrypt.

Besides software development the company specializes on content production. The focus is here on creation of interactive online capable 3D models - mainly high resolution city models – based on a cost efficient offshore team of 3D artists.

Bitmanagement was founded in 2002 by three former employees of the Blaxxun Interactive AG, Munich. The company achieved sales growth and positive results in 2011 and is "cash flow positive" since its founding.

Bitmanagement is a board member of the "Web3D Consortium" (USA), which is responsible for the standardization and dissemination of 3D ISO standards for the Internet. Bitmanagement is also simultaneously a member of the" 3D Consortium "for the dissemination of stereoscopic visualization.

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